A tribute to video guys…

On the other hand… 🙂

The skills of a disciplined, client-focused video guy are extremely valuable. Because while the director and producer (which is more my job description) are running around, thinking about angles and talent and time schedules and budgets, the video guys are watching the Ps and Qs.

It takes a good video guy on camera to get it level in one deft move, ready to shoot action shots with a level horizon.

It takes a good video guy to quickly snap in and get a crisp focus, and then hold that focus as the action moves.

It takes a good video guy to always have the right white balance, so that when you run outside to grab a shot you don’t forget to switch in the tungsten-to-daylight filter.

It takes a good video guy to get good clean audio, monitor it throughout the shoot, and make sure the right audio channels are going onto the tape or hard drive.

It takes a good video guy to keep the equipment working, to stay with an interviewee whose head is bobbing, to establish and hold a framing organically, esthetically, and technically, in one take… because most of the time video subject matter is unrehearsed. 80% of the time there will never be another chance to catch what just happened again.

And so I often depend on the skills of an excellent ENG or electronic news gathering crew — usually a cameraman and an audio technician. Without them, excellent, high-production-value footage would be unattainable.


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