From Dan Pink to John Moore to Steve Jobs

Thanks to all three for leading me here to hear an inspirational message for the new year. (I’m not a poet who don’t know it … just an alliterative fool).

(Navigate to Steve Jobs’ commencement address in the right hand column)

And what is the content of the message? Stories. 3 to be exact.

Happy New Year. Stay hungry and stay foolish.


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One Response to “From Dan Pink to John Moore to Steve Jobs”

  1. jarichevalier Says:

    Just want to let you know that Dan Pink will be my guest on Living Hero towards the end of February. Just enter your email in the subscription box on to receive an email when the Podcast is broadcast. I’m writing to you and others in advance to give you a chance to participate in the formation of the interview questions. Just type your question into the question box widget on the right column of the page. Also, to see recent blog posts, just click into the recent posts question in the right side column. Once the Podcast is posted, comments can be added at the bottom of the podcast post. I look forward to a highly generative ongoing conversation and I do hope you’ll be part of it! Please spread the word! My very best, Jari Chevalier

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