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From Dan Pink to John Moore to Steve Jobs

January 2, 2008

Thanks to all three for leading me here to hear an inspirational message for the new year. (I’m not a poet who don’t know it … just an alliterative fool).

(Navigate to Steve Jobs’ commencement address in the right hand column)

And what is the content of the message? Stories. 3 to be exact.

Happy New Year. Stay hungry and stay foolish.

Whats your story by Dan Pink

December 22, 2007

Found this nearly decade-old article from Fast Company by one of my favorite writers. It’s about Dana Winslow Atchley IIIDana Winslow Atchley III, who by 1998 was developing a business client list by promoting brand identity with a combination of one-man theatre and digital video storytelling. Mr. Atchley founded a digital storytelling film festival in Colorado, which lasted 5 years. Mr. Atchley died in 2000 of complications of a bone marrow transplant.

20-20 presentation brevity equals pecha-kucha

December 22, 2007

That’s the Japanese term pronounced pa-CHOTCH-ka. It’s like the visual presentation version of haiku — a standup that limits itself to 20 slides with 20 seconds each. Learn more about it at pecha-kucha dot org. This entertaining example is by Dan Pink: Emotionally Intelligent Signage.